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Linda Busch-Owner, President and Designer for the Brand Linda Busch Private Collection

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Lac Ste. Claire Trading Co., Inc.

Linda Busch

Saint Clair Shores, Michigan


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Company Facts:

Lac Ste. Claire Trading Co., Inc. was formed in 2007 as an S-Corporation. The legal address for this company is in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. The label under this company is Linda Busch Private Collection (LBPC), for women’s accessories. The design studio for this company is located in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. All design work and manufacturing of products under this brand are produced in The United States. We are proud to be part of the “Made in USA” movement!

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All of our products at LBPC are thoughtfully designed, and carefully handmade by 100% American hands in the USA. This means our US dollars, stay in the US. We firmly believe in helping Americans keep American jobs!
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Linda & Co

Linda Busch – Short Bio

Linda was born and raised in Detroit Michigan. She has spent her entire life in the fashion industry. For 11 years she operated an exclusive small business using her knowledge of technical drafting and flat pattern designing tailored suits, wedding dresses and wedding party attire, formal and informal wear as well. Linda is also a multi-media artist and has a long list of art work in various mediums. There has never been a time from a very young age when she was not creating something for herself, home, friends and clients.

She began designing women’s handbags for her brand Linda Busch Private Collection in 2011. “I would always make the prototypes myself and use/wear/test them for a year or two. I had so many people ask me “Where did you get that handbag from?” After a while, it seemed as though there was a market for my bags”. Later, she added a line of silk scarves from her own Copyright Artwork in 2013 using the inspiration from the iconic “American Bandanna”-one of the first true American accessories!

Her LBPC brand has developed over the years and now offers 4 different body styles in multiple sizes available in 13 colors of leather and also in canvas. >>New body style coming soon! The collection of silk bandanna scarves are available in 2 sizes and 8 colors. All products are made in the USA.

“All of our products at LBPC are thoughtfully designed, and carefully handmade by 100% American hands in the USA. This means our US dollars, stay in the US. We firmly believe in helping Americans keep American jobs!”

Mission Statement:

Women’s Accessories Designed and Engineered for Life


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Find us on Facebook: Linda Busch Private Collection

Twitter: @LindaBuschPC       Instagram: lindabusch.pc

Pinterest: Linda Busch Private Collection

Linda Busch Private Collection Mission Statement:

Women’s Accessories Designed and Engineered for Life. Made in USA

Product information-Handbags and Silk Scarves:

Bucket Bags- This group of handbags was designed with the intention of solving the problem typically associated with this style of handbag- that is; everything in the bag is lost to the bottom of the bag! My Bucket Bag line is designed with a wider opening at the top compared to the narrower bottom of the bag. This make easy access to the user for the 1 exterior pocket, and 8, yes 8 interior pockets!!! These interior pockets are on the sides of the contrasting lining with 4 pockets on each side of the bag. All small and organizable personal items will fit perfectly into the pockets leaving the bottom space of the bag for larger items like a wallet, hairbrush or a tablet or, room for all-Oh my!

In addition to that, the bags are intended to be folded over while carrying to provide a sense of security. This style of bag features contrasting leather trim, quality nickel plated hardware, a magnetic snap closure at the top, and a removable cross-body strap that can be converted to a shoulder strap. Even more…This bag has a full leather bottom with purse feet. All this carefully designed with the user in mind and topped off with the Iconic Round Black Handles unique to this brand!       

Measurements: 13” H x 16” W x 6” D at bottom. Includes UPC Codes.

Available in assorted canvas prints in addition to the premier bag of the group- The Woven Peace Sign Fabric Bucket Bag. Made in USA

>>>The newest piece of the group is the supple full leather bucket bag with contrasting leather trim and all the same features as the canvas versions! Made in USA

East/West Bags- This is a smaller version of the bucket bag body in my collection with no shortage of style, design or function. This little darling of a bag is lined with contrasting fabric that compliments the exterior of the bag to make it just as playful and fun as it’s big sister-the bucket bag! Inside you will find 6 pockets with 3 pockets on each side of the bag and plenty of extra room. The exterior of the bag features contrasting leather trim at the top, a full leather bottom, quality nickel plated hardware including purse feet, the removable and adjustable crossbody strap that can be converted to a shoulder strap, and !!!tah-da!!!- the Iconic Round Black Handles unique to this brand.   

Measurements: 8” H x 16” W x 4.5” D at bottom, Includes UPC Codes.

Available in 3 cotton canvas prints. Made in USA

Leather/Canvas Tote- This bag is the largest bag in the group offering ample space for some extra items in tow. Designed for stylish ergonomic use, it is a combination of a supple white leather upper with a classic black and white canvas stripe lower containing 1 exterior pocket. On the inside, you will find 6 ample pockets, 3 on each side of the bag of the contrasting lining.

This tote has all the features of the others in the group; contrasting leather trim at the top, quality nickel plated hardware, an adjustable and removable crossbody strap, the Iconic Round Black Handles unique to this brand, plus >plus >plus a beautiful Jewelry-Quality nickel plated zipper at the top opening of the tote that slides open and closes with great ease!!!

Measurements: 17” H x 16” W x 2” D, Includes UPC Code.

Available in White Leather Upper/Canvas Stripe Lower. Made in USA

>>>NEW-Small Envelope Bag>>>

This sweet little crossbody bag is the newest to join the group! Small in size, but amazingly stylish and fun to use. Made for just a few essentials, um-phone, credit card, and lip gloss!!! Ok maybe something else, but only if it’s small or thin-OK, Passport!!!

This Envelope Bag is trimmed in contrasting leather (the fun part) and fully lined in contrasting fabric. It offers the same high-quality nickel-plated hardware as the other bags in the collection, but with fewer pieces of hardware. This bag has simple lines and allows the color combinations to make each bag pop! It has a removable crossbody strap and concealed magnetic snap closure -all on a playful little bag that looks like an envelope-Ha!

Measurements: 8” H x 6” W, 50” Strap

Available in 5 leather combinations with contrasting leather trims, as well as the Classic Woven Peace Sign Fabric with contrasting leather trim. Made in USA       

>>>Coming soon>>>Images not yet available>>> In Sample form only>>>

LiLsis is the latest handbag to join the group. Just recently designed with 1 sample made so far for construction confirmation purposes. This addition to the group will be a small handheld bag that has the iconic round handles unique to this brand. It will be constructed in 1 or 2-color, full leather outer body with a fun fabric print lining. It is carried by the handles or can be worn (like bracelets) on the arm and will come in a range of color combinations. An adorable, unbelievable small size for that shopper that wants a break from the large shopper-style tote bag.

Silk Scarves-Bandannas- This collection of silk scarves is designed with the inspiration of the truly iconic American accessory-The Bandanna! All artwork for the design on this collection of bandannas are original copyright material in 2013 by Linda Busch for the brand Linda Busch Private Collection. The group includes an assortment of bright color combinations. Some of the colorways are 3-color, and some are 4 color-Your choice!

The larger size accommodates multiple ways to be used or worn by the wearer. The smaller version is similar in size to the age old original cotton bandanna and can be worn tied around the neck, wrist, hat, etc. Both are an updated fashion accessory for the modern fashionista- unisex too from everyday accessories and even for bikers, to equestrians! The scarves are printed and finished in USA on 100% Silk Habotai. Playful-artistic-fashionable-recognizable-iconic-beautiful!

Measurements: 28” x 28” and 22” x 22”, Includes UPC Codes.

Both sizes available in 8 colorways. Made in USA

>>>Coming soon>>> A “Classic” Collection of 2 and 3 color silk bandannas with modified original copyright artwork in the 22” x 22” size.   

Questions and Answers:

Q- What was the first thing you ever made to sell?

A-In elementary school, I made little printed cotton handbags that were lined and I sold them to my classmates and teachers for $5.00 each.


Q- Where did you get the inspiration to make things?

A-When I was growing up, I was always making things that I saw in the local stores and in movies. Everything inspired me. I am more creatively developed now, so shapes, nature, travel, colors, architecture, Hollywood, retro fashion trends, and much more are a huge source of inspiration for me. Designing has always been part of my everyday life and still is to this day!


Q-Did you ever make your own clothes?

A-Yes, at about age 9, I started making my own clothes when I was old enough to use my mother’s sewing machine. Our dining room table was often a cutting table! I still make many of my own patterns and clothing, but in my design studio with better equipment and more room-when I have time.


Q-What do you focus on the most?

A-My family and home is always first! After that, I focus most of my attention on my designs, my business and marketing my product line. I have an overabundance of ideas all of the time, and continue to add to my collection frequently.


Q- What goals have you achieved?

A-I have accomplished my dream. I have been able to design a collection from my heart focusing on issues that I think are needed to improve the selection of handbags on the market. I feel as though I have become a true designer! I draft my own designs, make prototypes, source all my own components, get samples made, contract companies to manufacture my products and some of my components all while marketing these products as well as sharpening my communication skills. In addition, I have 4 Copyrights of Intellectual Property in the Visual Arts. I have a great studio to work in, and wonderful business contacts. I pay very close attention to building my business and my brand. I consider all of this to be quite an achievement since setting out with my goals when I started my company. By the way, a goal is a dream with a deadline, and a true designer contracts with other people/companies to produce the products, therefore defining the difference between a designer and a craft-er. 


Q-What is your favorite thing to do in regards to your business?

A-I’m always looking for color inspiration and color combinations. I often find it in nature and through travel, and life around me.


Q-What are your best traits?

A-Artistic, self-starter, disciplined, detail oriented, patient and a pretty good sense of humor! 


Q-What is your favorite quote?

A- “Success is a state of mind”